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Ranging from smooth and silky to fun and engaging, Jodi's voice is perfect for any project!

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Jodi works from her professionally built and sound treated home studio. She has a variety of microphones including the Neumann U87Ai, Shure SMB7 and others to give you the best possible sound quality. She has the ability to deliver high quality clear recordings when using Adobe Audition. If you struggle with your script, she can help with phrasing and edits to make your script flow, or record it exactly as written.

Sound equipment
Virtual Team Meeting

Directed Sessions

Need a live directed session?

Let’s set it up! 


Whether you need a phone patch call, ZOOM meeting, Skype or Source Connect session, she’s got you covered. 


The goal is to give you the best possible finished product and we will figure out the best way to work together to get the final recording that you need.

Sound equipment
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